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Providing UNMATCHED service at an UNMATCHED value

Let’s rewind back to 1999. Kevin was just a young seventeen year old about to embark on this journey. His uncle worked for an electrical supplier here in town. He introduced Kevin to his first electrical contractor who gave him an opportunity despite having no experience. It was here Kevin was introduced to new construction home wiring. He spent the next seven years learning and working in the Upstate’s residential new construction community, wiring homes of all shapes and sizes. Quickly, he gained his reputation as the guy who has to be perfect at everything he touches and was adamant about following the National Electric Code.

Fast forward to 2006, a new door opened for Kevin in the electrical industry as a service and repair electrician. This is where Kevin’s skills were honed. Everyday was a new service call, a new electrical problem or install, a new trade challenge, a new customer, a new set of customer’s worries and fears, but most importantly a new opportunity to provide UNMATCHED service at an UNMATCHED value! For the next twelve years, this was Kevin’s new normal. Each day was a learning experience, understanding his duties as a licensed electrician, not only in the electrical practice but also in his ability to deliver unmatched customer service which allowed him to gain insight into what each client is going through at the time of services needed. This helped define what Kevin believed unmatched customer service truly is. It was also very eye opening to experience firsthand the need within the electrical industry for more honest contractors with integrity, morals and ethics. Especially when Kevin saw that many contractors are paid to do jobs most clients wouldn’t know if they were done in accordance with code or not. After twelve years of helping clients with their electrical situations while working for local electrical service companies, the time came for Kevin to step out and chase the American dream!

With that said, Kevin and his team of licensed electricians are proud to be a part of Wired Right Electrical Service Company today, here in 2023. Among our credentials, you’ll find:

  • A company that is LICENSED, BONDED and INSURED.
  • A company that has proven residential trade experience.
  • A company that will only practice per the National Electric Code and firmly believes the importance of doing so.
  • A company that will never sacrifice material for profit.
  • A company built on integrity, honesty, morals and ethics.
  • A company that specializes in doing what we say.
  • A company that believes cheap electrical work is not good and good electrical work is not cheap.
  • A company lead by me, Kevin Johnson, the guy that has been traveling this journey for over two decades delivering UNMATCHED service/repair at an UNMATCHED value!

So regardless if your job is big or small, we are here to help provide the Upstate with solutions to all of your electrical needs. When you want the job done right, call Wired Right!!

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